Tom's Gardening Diary - June

Tom’s Sniff, Nudge, Nibble Gardening Diary

Hello my gardening friends. Welcome to Tom’s Sniff, Nudge, Nibble Gardening Diary. I’m aspiring to be like Monty Don. He’s my favourite writer and one of my favourite gardeners.  I started Tom’s Gardening Diary as my rehearsal for becoming a famous writer like Monty. It would be amazing to have my own column in a big magazine and I would love to write a book too. Nigel My family and other dogs is my favourite book.

Sniff, Nudge, Nibble

June has been a brilliant month for rehearsing my technical gardening skills. Sniff, nudge, nibble.

I sniff to make sure flowers, plants and trees are doing well and to ask if they want to tell me anything. Some of the plants smell pretty too. I then nudge to show the plants a little bit of Tom love and sometimes I have a little nibble. I love to forage and there will be more about my foraging later in the year. Having a nibble is a good test to see if my foraging harvest is ready yet.

Here I am sniffing the pink geraniums. They are doing well. We love geraniums and they grow well for us, producing a froth of pretty colourful flowers during the summer months. Another of my favourite gardeners is Carol Klein and she chose a geranium as her nomination for Gardeners’ World Golden Jubilee Plant. Good choice Carol. Carol is fun. So are geraniums.

And here I am nudging the blue geraniums. I need to do some weeding here.

Sniffing the blue geraniums

Sniffing the Sambucus Nigra. Tillie is parked up on the lawn admiring my technical gardening skills.

Sniffing the apple tree. You can see my hazel hedgelings in front of the hazel hurdles. The hedgelings are doing well.

Sniffing the apple tree

Helping with June fall by sniffing, nudging and nibbling one of the little apples. Thank you Jim on Beechgrove Garden for the June fall tip. Jim is another of my favourite gardeners.

Nibbling the apple tree

One of the little apples fell off when I was nudging and nibbling so I decided to eat it. I love apples. It was a little bit bitter which tells me they are not quite ready for Tom to harvest yet.

Eating the apple

Woodland Meadow

Late last summer we scattered some yellow rattle seeds to try and start a wildflower meadow area. It is doing well. Apparently the yellow rattle feed on the roots of the grass and there is definitely less grass growing which should encourage more wild flowers. The butterflies and bees love the wildflower meadow area and I think it’s fun to run through it and play hide my green ball.

Woodland meadow

Exotic flowers

We have a palm tree in the garden. Last year it was starting to dominate a couple of shrubs and they didn’t have enough space and light to grow. Grandad stripped the bottom leaves off the palm to make it more like a tree. That’s what he had seen in Spain. And to our surprise this year the palm tree has thanked us by growing some exotic flowers with a lovely scent. The bees love it. Grandad is another of my favourite gardeners.

Flower on the palm tree


We love herbs and use them in our dinners and cookies. They smell nice too. Tillie is especially fond of lavender and sniffs it for relaxation. We have a stone area in the garden that needed a bit more purpose. It is well sheltered and gets lots of sunshine so we made a little herbery. It’s Tillie’s herbery. Tillie’s hippy name is Herb. It was Marigold, but she didn’t like Marigold as her hippy name and changed it to Herb. She decided my hippy name would be Marigold. We planted lavender, chamomile, rosemary, thyme, sage and oregano in the herbery.

Tillie's herbery

Piggy checking out the rosemary …

Piggy in the herbery

At the front of the stone area closer to the kitchen we made a kitchen herbery in some old sinks. We will use these herbs for cooking and baking. And there’s some lavender in pots for Tillie to enjoy …

Kitchen herbs

Elderflower Cordial

We would like to make our garden productive. In June we had plenty of elderflower so we made two batches of elderflower cordial with the flowers on the elder trees.

Elderflower cordial


I had my first barbecue in June. I love barbecue’s. It’s a joy to enjoy cooking in the garden with daddy and I invented a recipe for Tom’s Burgers. Cooking on the barbecue is a man thing.

Tillie & Tom's BBQ

Well, that’s it my friends. Join me next month to find out what happened in Tom’s garden in July. Tillie has invented a lolly recipe so if the weather is hot in July try Tillie’s Lollies to cool you down.

Bottoms up and happy gardening!

Tom x

Bottom's up


Dreaming of owning a bakery shop where everybody buys cookies. For me.

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