Tom's Gardening Diary July

Tom’s Summer Gardening Diary

Hello and a very big welcome to Tom’s Summer Gardening Diary. Summer started very sunny in North East Scotland and Tillie and me managed to enjoy some picnics and picnic rug time in the garden. It might look like we are just busy relaxing on a picnic rug but we have been very busy researching nutrition for our food blogs as well as doing the gardening.

Tillie and me gardening

Tillie and me busy gardening

My sniff nudge nibble technical gardening skills continue to be useful around the garden.

Sniff, nudge, nibble

Sniff, nudge, nibble

Pretty things

A lot of our gardening has focused on the structure of the garden and for the future we need to plan and plant pretty things and tasty stuff. Watching Beech Grove Garden and Garderners’ World makes me drool when I see all the pretty flowers and tasty crops.

A pretty pink wildflower appeared in the meadow area where we scattered yellow rattle seeds last year. That was a nice surprise.

Pretty pink flower in the meadow area

Pretty pink wildflower

The stunning scarlet red Crocosmia Lucifer are coming into bloom …


Crocosmia Lucifer

Hebe’s grow very well in our garden, the flowers have a lovely scent and the bumble bees love them.



This tree shrub came into flower. We don’t know what it is so please write in and tell us if you know. Answers on a postcard would be good and there might be a prize of some tuna cake or something.

The unknown tree shrub

Do you know what this flowering tree shrub is? Answers on a postcard. You could win some tuna cake.

Tasty stuff

Mmmm. Tom’s a foodie and I just love tasty stuff. July is the start of my foraging adventures and I will be writing a blog about foraging which I am very excited about.

The baby apples are starting to grow nicely and we got lots of rain in July which I think will make the apples very juicy. The quality of my crops is very important to me so I do pick the occasional apple to taste it and see how it is coming on. It’s just what us gardeners have to do you know. Apples are a good source of fibre and vitamin C. They help digestion and help protect the immune system.

Tom's apples

Baby Apple

We have a cherry tree in the woodland garden. Tillie and me don’t eat cherries but I do like to check the crop. We have a very good crop this year and mummy has frozen some to make cherry vodka. Tillie and me won’t be having any of that.

Cherry tree

Checking the cherries.

Did you notice the state of the poor weeping willow tree that mummy ‘pruned’ in February?¬†(the fuzzy tree at the right of the photograph) Woops.


I LOVE raspberries and we have raspberries growing in our garden and in the hedgerows where I go walking. Yum Yum Yum. I love foraging for raspberries. Raspberries provide Vitamins C, E and K, manganese, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids and some other goodness. ¬†They are good for bone strength, kidney function and for the immune system. A bit of a superfood aren’t they? Get foraging my friends. They should be enjoyed in moderation of course. I have also helped mummy forage for raspberries. She is going to make raspberry gin. Tillie and me won’t be having any of that! Tillie has told me that the blaeberries are ripening in the woods so I might go and check those out too.

Tom foraging for raspberries

Foraging for raspberries in the hedgerows

Garden goblins

Oh gosh my friends. Tom has a BIG mystery to solve. By the end of the month there were no baby apples left on the little apple trees. I think the garden goblins have been visiting our garden and eating the baby apples. I just hope that the apples are pick and grow again.

Garden goblins

Examining the evidence left by the apple eating garden goblins

Well that’s all for July my friends. Join me next time. Hopefully I will have solved the apple eating garden goblin mystery. I have invented a new cookie recipe – Tom’s Mango Smoothie Cookies so you might want to check them out. Tillie is still behind with typing up her adventures.

Bottoms up and happy gardening.

Tom x

Bottom's up

Bottom’s up!


Dreaming of owning a bakery shop where everybody buys cookies. For me.

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