Tom's Crocus Pocus Gardening Diary

Tom’s Crocus Pocus Gardening Diary

Welcome to Tom’s Crocus Pocus Gardening Diary. It’s been magical in Tom’s Garden. The fairies, pixies and elves have been busy sprinkling their magic dust to make everything grow and there are lots of surprises to be uncovered.

Despite cold frosty mornings (great for zoomies), the weather is getting warmer during the day and we enjoyed our first game of garden SprinklesTM for this year. The days are stretching and we are gradually getting more daylight in the garden.


Snowdrops were the first surprise in Tom’s garden. Pretty little white droplets on a delicate green stem pushed through the soil to carpet part of the woodland garden. In the sunshine the droplets open up and look like little bells. From Snowdrops to Snowbells. Wow! Isn’t nature wonderful? I imagine the fairies play a little tune on the snowbells, and dance around the snowdrops whilst sprinkling their magic. A bit like me doing zoomies really.

I have to be gentle with my green ball amongst the snowdrops so I nudge it around, like this …

Nudging the green ball

Pretty snowdrops open up in the sunshine to make snowbells …


Winter Pruning

Oh gosh! Mummy has certainly got her pruning mojo after watching Monty on Big Dreams Small Spaces. We have a small weeping willow which was very over crowded at the crown. Well, I don’t think a highland midgie would manage to navigate through it, so it got a radical haircut. A very radical haircut.

Here I am checking the weeping willow before it had a radical haircut …

Pruned weeping wilow

The poor weeping willow tree declined the opportunity of an after photograph with it’s new haircut. Don’t blame it really. It’s busy weeping about it’s new hairdo but I’m sure the garden fairies will look after it.

In my January Gardening Diary I mentioned that we had been busy planting bare root native hedging around the perimeter of the garden. We follow Monty’s rules of plenty of light and air to help things grow so pruned other trees and shrubs which were casting a dark shadow over our little hedgelings.

Here’s a wheelbarrow full of prunings, me with my green ball, and the Bin of Cullen in the background …

Full wheelbarrow

Whilst pruning the trees I found an old root, so I dug it up …

Digging an old root

The result of our winter pruning endeavours. Daddy is happy because he can have a bonfire …

Bonfire pile

SprinklesTM and a carrot on the lawn

Tillie and I love a game of SprinklesTM so it was wonderful to have a warm sunny day in February to enjoy our first game of Sprinkles of the year.  It’s great fun, uses our natural instincts, keeps us entertained for ages, keeps Tillie quiet for ages and we get to hunt for tasty treats on the lawn. I think the fairies sprinkle morsels of yummy food around the lawn during the night and when we go into the garden we can smell the sprinkles and spend a few hours sniffing around for them and eating them. We never use chemicals on our garden so it is safe for us to eat off the lawn.

Here’s Tillie and me playing sprinklesTM. It’s a good game…

Tillie and me playing sprinkles

Another enjoyable garden activity is eating a carrot. We are lucky to have a local farmer, Jimmy, who grows and sells delicious fresh vegetables so we benefit from some healthy vegetables in our diet. From field to bowl. We love to eat fresh and local produce. Here I am eating a carrot …

Eating a carrot

A CrocusPocus gardening outing

Monty’s Dog Nigel, lead presenter on Gardeners World (accompanied by his human assistant Montagu), tweeted on 19th February that he would like to see photo’s of our early crocuses with the hashtag CrocusPocus. Early crocuses in North East Scotland could be challenging, but I like a challenge. Our crocuses are barely poking through the ground so we went on a gardening outing to sniff out early crocuses. We found these beauties in Coopers Park, Elgin and I was tickled crocuspocus purple to get a lovely retweet from my hero Nigel …

crocus pocus in Elgin

The first blossom

As February drew to a close and we could sniff March in the air, there was another pretty surprise in Tom’s garden. The first blossom …



That’s all from Tom’s Garden this month. Join me next month when we will discover some more magical gardening surprises. The sun is setting and it’s getting cold so I’m off to bake apple pie cookies.

Happy gardening!





Dreaming of owning a bakery shop where everybody buys cookies. For me.

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