Tom’s April Snow Gardening Diary

Well golly gosh my friends. You really couldn’t write this stuff without believing that the April fool goblin carried on making fun through the whole of April. At the beginning of April I brought you Tom’s Daffodil Diaries and we had enjoyed some lovely gardening weather in Tom’s garden. Then, on 24th April the weather goblins flicked a switch, turned on winter and gave us snow. Well I never. April Snow in Tom’s Garden. And as if that wasn’t silly enough, on 28th April the BBC played the snooker game on the television instead of Gardeners World. It’s just not quite right. It’s bonkers.

April Snow in Tom’s Garden

Here’s Tillie bemused by April Snow in Tom’s Garden …

April snow in Tom's Garden

April gardening jobbies

Main jobbies in Tom’s garden in April (on no-snow days) included weeding and pruning overgrown shrubs. We also moved some of our beloved hedgelings so that the woodland garden has mainly hawthorn, blackthorn and geulder rose hedgelings. Our playground garden has beech, hornbeam and hazel hedgelings. We can’t wait for the hedgelings to grow. Bringing up hedgelings is very exciting.

Gardeners World #SnookeredAgain

For a gardener like myself, Gardeners World on a Friday night is a great opportunity to catch up with my gardening hero Nigel and the prettiest girl in the gardening world Nell, and learn some gardening tips from their human assistant Monty. But on 28th April there was no Gardeners World because the BBC decided to play the snooker game instead! That’s just not quite right. So in a Twitter campaign led by Monty’s Dog Nigel, we took to twitter with our plant and gardening photo’s and puns. It was so much fun. More fun than watching the snooker game.

Here’s my favourite contribution to the #SnookeredAgain campaign – ‘Nudging the green ball’ …

Nudging the green ball

Well that’s all from Tom’s gardening diaries for April my friends. I’ll be back next month to share my gardening adventures with you.

But until then, why not bake some cheesy pizza cookies or enjoy a beach adventure.

Tom x


Dreaming of owning a bakery shop where everybody buys cookies. For me.

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