Tom’s Foraging Diary

Hello. Welcome to Tom’s Foraging Diary. Late summer into autumn is a wonderful time to indulge in my love of foraging so this month I thought I would share foraging fun with you. I love to forage for apples, raspberries, blueberries, rosehips and brambles. Don’t worry my friends, I seem to know what is good for me as mummy discovered last year when I had my first foraging season – she had to research whether the bounty I was foraging was good for me or not. Of course it was full of seasonal goody-ness so we want to share this information with you because a little bit of foraging is tasty, nutritious and fun. Yum yum!


Apples are delicious. Last year when the apples were ripe and juicy I started picking them from the tree. And eating them. One at a time. In moderation of course. Apples are a good source of fibre which helps digestion and they are full of vitamins A and C which help protect our immune system.

Here I am checking an apple tree before the apples appeared …

Checking the apples

A baby apple …

Baby apple

Here I am eating an apple I picked from the tree. Yum Yum …


Lots of wild raspberries grow in the hedgerows where we walk. It’s very exciting to see the little red jewel like raspberries and I just have to go for a little forage…

Foraging for raspberries in the hedgerows

Raspberries are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. They are good for bone strength, kidney function and immunity.


Blaeberries grow in abundance in Tillie’s favourite woods. Blaeberries are also called blueberries, bilberries and yummy berries. They are good for you and tasty too.

Here’s Tillie foraging for juicy blaeberries in the woods. …

Tillie foraging for blueberries in the woods

Blaeberries have antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. Wow! They really are a super berry. They are a good source of vitamins C & K, manganese and fibre too. AND they are good for the brain – that’s why I’m so clever.

Blaeberries are so good that we use them in some of our recipes including Tillie’s Lollies . We also enjoy them in a smoothie.


Rosehips grow in our garden hedge and in the hedgerows where we walk. I love sniffing the pretty fragrant rose flowers in summer and then they turn into hips. Last year I discovered that rose hips are yummy so I started foraging for them myself and mummy discovered that they are nutritious too.

Ripe rosehips in my garden …

Rose hips in our garden

Checking a rosehip to see if it is ready to harvest …

Checking the rose hips

Tillie and me harvesting rosehips.

Harvesting the rose hips

Rosehips can help collagen repair and support the immune system, as well as help the body absorb nutrients. The vitamin C content of rosehips supports enzymes that make collagen. They also contain vitamin A, which is good for cell regeneration and has restorative properties.


My latest forage is brambles. They are so tasty. Unfortunately all the brambles near us are high up so I can’t pick them myself but apparently that’s a good thing because the bramble bushes are very prickly and I might scratch my nooty. Ouch! So mummy picks a bramble for me and Tillie when she sees nice ripe juicy ones. Brambles are loaded with antioxidants and provide plenty of fibre, vitamins and manganese. Lots of yummy goody-ness in a juicy little berry…

Brambles in our garden

Well, that’s all from Tom’s Foraging Diary my friends. I think we should be planning to grow more food. Yum Yum.

Happy foraging!

Tom x


Foraged goodies should be enjoyed in moderation. Tillie and Tom have no sensitivities to these foraged foods and they thrive on a diet of fresh, wholesome, nutritious food.


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