Tom's beefy bits

Tom’s Beefy Bits

Oh wow my friends. I think you are going to enjoy Tom’s beefy bits. They’re YUMMY! The perfect training treat. Delicious, healthy, easy to make and cost effective. What’s not to love?

We got a small chest freezer last year which is really cool. So when the mummy sees good quality meats and offals in the reduced counters she buys them and stashes them away in the freezer. Some get used for our home cooked dinners. We have been on a mission to create homemade training treats so we we did a little experiment with some chunks of lean scotch beef found lurking in the reduced counter. Oh my yummy!!

Here’s my beefy bits recipe for you to enjoy …

What you need to make Tom’s beefy bits …

  • A baking tray lined with baking parchment – Tom’s top tip … baking parchment can have a mind of it’s own when you put it on a tray and it tries to float around and curly up. Splash a few drops of water on the tray and then the baking parchment will stay still for you. 
  • Some diced steak* (we did 150g)
  • An oven set to 100 degrees C

How to make Tom’s beefy bits …

  • Dice the steak into approx 1cm pieces or smaller.
  • Place steak pieces on the lined baking tray.
  • Put the tray in the oven until the steak pieces have dried out – approximately 1 hour.
  • Remove from the oven.
  • Tah Dah!!
  • You have made beefy bits!

We store our beefy bits in a plastic tub in the fridge. The mummy thinks they will keep well for at least a week but they don’t get a chance to stay in the fridge too long. WE LOVE BEEFY BITS.

Find the beefy bits

When the weather goblins make it difficult to get out for big exercise (like when it’s icy), hide some beefy bits around the house and then have fun playing find the beefy bits. This keeps Tillie and me occupied and then we do a big sleep afterwards.

Enjoy your beefy bits.


Tom x


* Since trying this original beefy bits recipe we have also done the same with lamb and liver. They are also very yummy and we love to have a pick and mix of lamb, liver and steak beefy bits when out training. On extra special days we add cubes of cheese. YUMMY.

Tom's beefy bits

A little note …

We love our homemade dog treats and food because we know exactly what we are eating and there are no additives or preservatives in homemade goodies.

Tillie and Tom have no sensitivities to the ingredients used in this recipe and we only use ingredients that our humans eat too.

We recommend that treats are eaten in moderation. We also recommend that you keep them away from humans because they will eat them too.


Dreaming of owning a bakery shop where everybody buys cookies. For me.

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