Tillie’s chicken lollies

It’s still hot, and Tillie fancied a savoury lolly. I love my fruity lollies but sometimes I just want something cool and savoury. So I’ve made some chicken lollies. Quick and easy to make. Deliciously chickeny and cool to eat. Tillie’s chicken lollies. Perfect.

What you need to make Tillie’s chicken lollies …

  • Some chicken bone broth – we usually make some bone broth lollies when we make a batch of bone broth. If they don’e get used as lollies then they are used for stock when cooking our meats.
  • A jug
  • Ice cube trays or lolly moulds
  • A freezer

How to make Tillie’s chicken lollies …

  • Put some bone broth into the jug
  • Pour the bone broth from the jug into the ice cube tray or lolly mould
  • Place the ice cube tray or lolly mould in the freezer.
  • Let the lollies freeze.
  • When you fancy a chicken lolly, remove one (or two) from the freezer, let it soften a little, then eat it.

Tillie's chicken lollies

Tillie’s chicken lollies done.

Tillie might try adding some herbs to the chicken lollies next time. Tillie likes herbs. My hippy name is herb.

The end.

Tillie x


I am Tillie.

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