Tillie’s Adventures – Sunnyside Beach

So who looked at the photograph and thought that Tillie had been to the Caribbean for an adventure? Nice huh? That’s Sunnyside Beach. It’s not in the Caribbean, or the Mediterranean. It’s near Cullen which is a pretty coastal village on the Moray Firth in North East Scotland. Just over the hill from where I live. Cullen is the place that I nearly bought with my 15 pounds.

I’m very lucky to live beside some ace adventures because I don’t like to travel too far. Tillie gets very excited. I love my old Land Rover but the excitement of an adventure can get a little bit too much for Tillie and I’m asking mummy if we are nearly there yet before we’ve even got out of our yard! Tillie has adventuring to do and time waits for nobody. Not even Tillie.

Anyway, back to Sunnyside Beach.

Location: here

There are a few routes which will lead you to Sunnyside Beach, but don’t expect to take your car. You can park up in Cullen, Crannoch Woods or near Findlater Castle and walk there. We usually start our walk to Sunyside Beach near Cullen harbour and take the coastal path which takes you past the beautiful Cullen Pet Cemetery. The lovely Mr Findlay has been looking after the pet cemetery for over 25 years and we often meet him and always stop for a quick(ish) blether. If you see Mr Findlay, do stop and say hello.

Here I am parked up on the rocks just at the start of our adventure, shortly after a blether with Mr Findlay. Sunnyside Beach is just around the corner from the rocky bit just above my right ear. That’s where we are heading.

Tillie on the rocks

The Adventurers route to Sunnyside Beach

The coastal path along the bottom of the cliffs can be a little bit tricky in places. I love it. It’s a rocky route and I’m a rock chick adventurer so it suits me well. Here I am on the the coastal path along the bottom of the cliffs, climbing through the gap in the rocks.

Tillie the adventurer

Looking back along the route we have walked, towards Cullen and The Bin of Cullen.

From Sunnyside beach to Cullen and Bin of Cullen

The Sunday Stroll route to Sunnyside Beach

If you are a bit more like Tom – more of a Sunday stroll or a meandering lolloping type, then there is an equally lovely route along the top of the cliffs through farmland. The views across the Moray Firth are fabulous. This route can be reached from Cullen square or Crannoch Woods.

Sunnyside Beach route through farmland

The Cullen Caveman

After deserting from the French Navy in World War One, Charlie Marioni lived in a cave near Cullen for 13 years. There is a board near his cave which tells his fascinating story. I think Tillie would’ve liked Charlie Marioni. #TillietheHistorian.

The Cullen Caveman

Sunnyside Beach

Sunnyside Beach is beautiful. Golden sands. Crystal clear waters. Peaceful and relaxing.

Sunnyside Beach

Clear waters of Sunnyside Beach

Me and daddy on the beach. It was a beautiful summers day and there was nobody else there. Just perfect.

Golden sands of Sunnyside Beach

If you are visiting Sunnyside beach then you might want to take a picnic because you won’t find a beach cafe there, or a burger van. Not even an ice cream van. Tillie’s Sunnyside Beach picnic would be Tom’s Burgers followed by Tillie’s lollies. Just perfect.

The end.

Tillie x

Sunnyside Beach, Cullen, Moray


I am Tillie.

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