Tillie’s Adventures – St Cyrus Nature Reserve and Beach

I visited St Cyrus Nature Reserve and Beach in August 2015 so this is an adventure from Tillie’s archives. But it’s a special adventure and a beautiful place.

A special adventure for two reasons:-

1) One of my favourites persons Gwandad Cushionz was born and brought up near there. Well, he’s now Gwandad because he’s lost his Cushion. Somewhere.

2) In August 2015 our beloved Bensons went off on his Big Skycar Adventures and St Cyrus had been a special place for him too when he was on tour, so we went there with some of his sprinkles which have been sprinkled at lots of his favourite places.

I love St Cyrus Nature Reserve and Beach and I think you will too. So if you are in Aberdeenshire, go there.

Location: here

Now, apparently there’s a very good fish and chip shop on the main road through St Cyrus. I say apparently because when we went there it was closed. Tillie loves a good fish supper but it wasn’t to be that day so I can’t tell you what it was like. What makes it even worse for Tillie is that all the way there mummy and daddy were telling me how Bensons got his own kiddies portion of fish supper and ate it beside the beach. All I got was a piece of dried croissant from the copey! Well. Work that one out. Tfff.

Highlights of Tillie’s adventure to St Cyrus Nature Reserve and Beach. Minus the fish supper.

The walk across the wooden paths and bridges of the Nature Reserve is lovely and there are wonderful views and pretty wild flowers. Because the birdies were doing stuff I had to be on the lead across the nature reserve so couldn’t do many pictures. Here’s one I took as we got close to the beach …

St Cyrus Nature Reserve

Parked up on the bench at the sand dunes, between the nature reserve and the beach, looking over there …

Tillie sitting on the bench at St Cyrus Beach

Pretty grasses on the sand dunes …

Grasses at St Cyrus Beach

St Cyrus beach is well known for it’s driftwood and there were lots of driftwood dens which were fun to explore. I think maybe the pirates build them when they park up to go and get a fish supper …

Driftwood at St Cyrus Beach

It’s a big beach! …

St Cyrus Beach looking towards Montrose

Perfect for running fast on …

Tillie running fast at St Cyrus Beach

And for playing fetch …

Playing fetch at St Cyrus Beach

The waters are sparkling but there was nobody swimming. Don’t know why. It’s the North Sea so must be refreshing. That’s a good thing isn’t it? …

Sparkling waters at St Cyrus Beach

I don’t do swimming but I quite like a paddle …

Tillie paddling at St Cyrus Beach

There are rocks to explore at the North end of the beach. A waterfall and the gable end walls of an abandoned croft …

Tillie on the rocks at St Cyrus Beach

Which is brilliant for rock pooling with daddy who is taller than the cliffs …

Rockpooling at St Cyrus Beach

I had a lot of fun at St Cyrus beach. Maybe next time I will get a fish supper and I might even share it with Tom, so it will have to be a proper big size portion.

Tillie on St Cyrus Beach looking over there

We left in good time because the weather changed as we got back to the sand dunes …

Sand dunes and moody sky at St Cyrus Beach

The End

Tillie x


In memory of my Bensons who visited St Cyrus beach in 2009 … and got a fish supper.

Benson at St Cyrus Beach 2009


I am Tillie.

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