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Tillie’s Adventures – Loch Morlich

Tillie loves Loch Morlich. It’s a beautiful place. Perfect for big adventures. Loch Morlich is in Glenmore Forest Park which is at the heart of the Cairngorms National Park. Whether you like hills, glens, mountains, lochs, forests, fairies or sandy beaches, Loch Morlich has it all. Yes, it even has a sandy beach. And the water doesn’t taste salty. It’s fresh.

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We usually visit Loch Morlich in autumn and winter. Loch Morlich is quite rightly a popular place and the mummy is a bit pants at parking, so we go in quieter times so that we can find a big parking space in one of the very fine car parks. It’s also because we like to do very long walks so it’s better for us in the cooler weather. Scottish summers can be very balmy after all.

Adventures and picnics

Loch Morlich is one of the mummy’s favouritest places to visit so Tillie likes to take the mummy there for an adventure and a picnic. A girly outing. Sometimes we have a posh picnic. In a hamper. That’s really posh. Other times we carry our picnic in a backpack. That’s posh too. Sometimes we take the boys. Daddy and Tom. And a bigger picnic.

We always stop at Grantown on Spey on our way to Loch Morlich to get a fancy piece from the bakery to add to our picnic. It’s also because Tillie gets very excited about going on an adventure so we have to stop about an hour into our journey to have a pre-adventure adventure. We take a walk around Anagach Woods¬†and then go and buy a fancy piece from Maclean’s Bakers. Tillie loves a fancy piece.

Then we head to Loch Morlich and park in a big parking space with a picnic bench in one of the car parks beside the Loch. Stunning.

Walking trails

The walking trails at Loch Morlich are fabulous and there are very good leaflets available at the Glenmore Visitor Centre which have maps that show the walking trails that you can follow. The trails are well marked. Here’s a link to an electronic version of the Glenmore Forest Park and Inshriach Forest leaflet so that you can download it onto your telephone or tablet and plan your adventure in advance. We like to combine the Beach Trail and the Loch Morlich Trail and then explore a bit further afield. Off piste.

Loch Morlich car park with a view

On a sunny day …

On a snowy day …

A little note re: parking … there is a small charge to park in the car parks at Loch Morlich. Some people (aka Richard Head’s)¬†avoid paying the parking charge and park up on the sides of the roads which can be a bit of a nuisance. So Tillie’s message is don’t be like Richard Head. Bring change and pay to park in one of the lovely car parks. The end.

Sandy beach at Loch Morlich

On a sunny day …

On a snowy day …

Beach Trail

On a sunny day …

On a snowy day …

Loch Morlich Trail

On a sunny day …

On a snowy day ..

Picnic and a fancy piece

On a sunny day …

Picnic in a backpack (posh)

A cup of tea and a fancy piece on the beach

On a snowy day …

Lovely warm homemade pea and ham soup (very posh)

Tillie’s next adventure …

Loch Morlich is an epic place for big adventures. Join me next time for a magical adventure that starts at Loch Morlich. There might even be pixies and fairies.

The end.

Tillie x

A little note …

Just in case you were wondering, I know Scotland is famous for many wonderful things including four seasons in one day, however this adventure features pictures from two separate adventures. A girly outing in autumn when it was sunny and a family outing in winter when it was snowy.

Tillie parked up on the beach (on a sunny day)






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