Tillie's Adventures - Anagach Woods, Grantown on Spey

Tillie’s Adventures – Anagach Woods, Grantown on Spey

This lovely autumn adventure took me to Anagach Woods, Grantown on Spey. I love Grantown on Spey in the Cairngorm National Park. It’s a pretty place and it has the most wonderful dog friendly walks and a fabulous range of shops to get all important picnic supplies. And a fancy piece from the bakers. Tillie likes a fancy piece. I might consider buying Grantown on Spey with my 15 pounds. Yes, I like it that much. It’s lovely.

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Breakfast and a fancy piece

We started with a quick stop at Maclean’s Bakers to get a croissant for breakfast and a fancy piece for elevenses. I stayed in the car while the mummy went in. Gosh, I swear she turned into a boxer dog when she was in the bakery shop. She came out drooling! From looking at all the delicious fancy pieces in the bakery shop. I don’t drool much but I was nearly drooling from the delicious smell coming from the bakers shop and wafting through the open window into the car. I could smell fresh bread, cakes and pies and everything. Yummy. Next time Tillie would love a pie too. Tillie likes pie.

Then we parked up at the entrance to Anagach Woods. Tillie got very excited. This is a stunning woods and very popular with the local doggies who were all very friendly. They told me that the woods are home to red squirrels, deer and capercaillie. Tillie got even more excited.

Here’s some of my highlights from Tillie’s adventures in Anagach Woods, Grantown on Spey….

River Spey

Anagach Woods sits between the town and the River Spey. We walked through the heart of the woods towards the river and were blessed with the stunning sight of morning mist rising on the river. Lovely.

Mist rising on the River Spey

Tillie in the woods

After enjoying a moment down by the river, we headed back into the woods. Here’s a link to a map of walks around Grantown on Spey, including Anagach Woods, which is on the very useful Cairngorms National Park website. We didn’t really stick to a route because I chose where I wanted to go and we think we did a combination of the blue and red routes on the map. We just wandered joyfully through the woods marvelling at the stunning autumn scenery, lots of good sniffs and chats with some locals.

Tillie looking over there for squirrels (I didn’t see any … or deer … or capercaillie) …

Tillie looking over there

Trotting along the lovely woodland paths enjoying the autumn sunshine …

Anagach Woods, Grantown on Spey

Autumn colours in the woods …

Autumn colours in the woods

Enjoying the sunshine beside a thistle, reflecting on a wonderful walk and thinking about parking up to enjoy a fancy piece  …

Tillie beside a thistle

We didn’t take a photograph of the fancy piece. We ate the fancy piece. It was yummy.

An epic adventure.

The end.

Tillie x


I am Tillie.

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