Slow-Cooked Lamby Pot

Slow-cooked Lamby Pot is one of our favourite home cooked dinners to enjoy in winter. Home cooked food is fresh, naturally nutritious, super tasty and fun to make. It’s easier and more cost effective than you think too. We love cooking and baking in the kitchen with the mummy and testing new recipes. It’s fun! And the mummy loves to cook and bake our food because she has complete control of the ingredients we are eating, and we love the end result. Delicious home cooked fresh food.

Here’s Tillie’s Slow-Cooked Lamby Pot recipe for you to enjoy too …

What you need to make Slow-Cooked Lamby Pot

  • A slow cooker
  • 1kg minced lamb
  • 200g mixed offal (we used 100g lambs liver and 100g lambs heart)
  • 400g seasonal vegetables (we used carrot, turnip and kale)
  • 400g cooked pot barley* or pearl barley (135g dry pot barley)
  • 400ml Bone Broth
  • Fresh herbs (we used rosemary and mint)

*We like to use Pot Barley if we can get hold of it – the outer husk hasn’t been removed as it is with Pearl Barley which makes Pot Barley the healthier choice. For a gluten and grain free version use lentils or sweet potatoes instead of pot barley.

Slow-Cooked Lamby Pot ingredients …

Slow-Cooked Lamby Pot ingredients

How to make Slow-Cooked Lamby Pot …

Rinse the pot barley and soak in water overnight – this makes it more tender.

Turn the slow cooker on to high.

Chop the veg into small pieces and put it in the slow cooker. Keep any green leafy veg (e.g. kale) aside to add later – it will not require as much cooking.

Brown the lamb mince and offal in a little rapeseed oil in a frying pan – we do it in batches. Remember to sample the meat. Add the browned meat to the slow cooker, sprinkle in some chopped herbs and pour on the bone broth.

Deglaze the meat browning pan with a little water to get all the last tasty bits, and add to the slow cooker. The bone broth and deglazing juices should just cover the meat and veg – add a little more water if necessary.

Leave on high for about 1 hour to bring the slow cooker up to heat then turn the slow cooker down to low and leave to simmer, checking occasionally and adding more water if necessary. We usually leave the slow cooker simmering on low for 7 hours.

About an hour or so before the end of the cooking time, cook the pot barley in a pan of water for approx 45 minutes until lovely and tender. Drain and rinse the pot barley with hot water and add to the slow cooker. We sometimes cook the pot barley in the morning when we are doing all the chopping and browning, set it aside and add it to the slow cooker about an hour before dinner.

Add the leafy green veg to the slow cooker at the same time as the pot barley.

When the leafy green veg is cooked, turn off the heat.

Tillie’s Slow-cooked Lamby Pot done!

Leave to cool a little bit and serve up a delicious warm Slow-Cooked Lamby Pot dinner.

Portion up and freeze the rest.


These dinners are so delicious that the mummy has been known to eat a portion for her dinner too.

A little note about slow cooking …

The mummy loves using a slow cooker. Below is her favourite slow cooker that we bought for under £20 from Aldi. It holds 6.5 litres so we cook large batches, portion it up and freeze.

Why we love slow cooking …

  • Slow cooked meats are highly digestible.
  • The food is cooked at a relatively low heat for a longer period of time which does not destroy as many nutrients as other cooking methods such as boiling or steaming.
  • All the nutritious goodyness from the vegetables seep into the bone broth juice so it’s super duper healthy, as well as tasty.
  • It’s easy and convenient … the mummy can do all the preparation, meat browning and veg chopping in one go, put it all in the slow cooker with the bone broth and leave it on low all day.
  • The house smells amazing when something is cooking in the slow cooker.

Slow cooker

Tillie’s Slow-Cooked Lamby Pot simmering in the slow cooker …

Slow-cooked Lamby Pot simmering in the slow cooker

A bowl of fresh, healthy, tasty, nutritious Slow-Cooked Lamby Pot …

A bowl of Slow-cooked Lamby Pot

Portions of Slow-Cooked Lamby Pot cooling and ready for the freezer …

Portions of Slow-cooked Lamby Pot

Tillie enjoying Slow-Cooked Lamby Pot dinner …

Tillie eating Slow-cooked Lamby Pot

Tom enjoying Slow-Cooked Lamby Pot Dinner …

Tom eating Slow-cooked Lamby Pot

Tillie helping Tom clean his bowl. He’s a typical boy – a messy eater …

Tillie helping Tom

Enjoy your Slow-Cooked Lamby Pot.

The end.

Tillie x

A little note …

Tillie and Tom have no sensitivities to any of the ingredients used in this recipe. All the ingredients we use are the same as what the humans eat. Yummy.

Feeding quanitities …

Tillie and Tom love their home cooked food and as a guideline they are fed 2 – 3% of their bodyweight per day, including treats.

For example, Tillie weighs 13kg and is at her ideal weight. She is very active so is fed 3% of her bodyweight per day which is 390g, made up of 165g for breakfast, 165g for dinner and 60g fed as a light lunch and treats.



I am Tillie.

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