Herby Goats Cheese Omelette

Hi everyone. Tillie here. It’s been a little while. I’ve had a busy summer in the garden. But I’m back to share some recipes and today I want to share with you a recipe for my favourite lunch. Herby Goats Cheese Omelette. Wow, it’s delicious. Quick and easy to make. By the mummy. Not by me. Even quicker for me to eat because I love it that much. And healthy too. Apparently.

What you need to make Herby Goats Cheese Omelette …

  • A non-stick omelette pan.
  • A jug.
  • A fork and a spatula.
  • A small knob of goats butter. Or you could use normal butter, or olive oil. We just like to use goats butter for our omelettes. Goats Butter. Sounds quite posh really, doesn’t it?
  • 2 medium / large free range eggs.
  • Some herbs. We sometimes use fresh parsley from the garden, and other times we use fresh basil and oregano from the garden. Use whatever herbs tickle your fancy. You could even use dried herbs. You do you. I’m sure it will be perfect.
  • Some goats cheese. Or you could use other cheese. Your favourite cheese. Tom’s favourite cheese is cheddar. My favourites are manchego and goats cheese.

How to make Herby Goats Cheese Omelette …

  1. Crack the eggs into the jug, shred in your herbs and whisk together with the fork.

Herby Goats Cheese Omelette egg mix

2. Put a small knob of butter in the omelette pan and heat it on medium / high until it starts to go brown at the edges.

Goats butter melting in the omelette pan

3. Pour the egg mixture into the omelette pan and shookle it about by wriggling the pan and moving the egg mixture with the spatula.

omelette mix cooking in the omelette pan

4. Keep shookling the egg mixture for about 30 seconds until it starts to look like this …

omelette mix nearly cooked in the omelette pan

5. Then sprinkle on some goats cheese and let it cook for another few seconds.

Goats cheese sprinkled on the omelette

6. Fold the omelette as you turn it out.

Herby goats cheese omelette garnished with parsley

7. Serve the omelette, let it cool a little and eat it while it is warm. And tell your mummy not to bother with the 70’s parsley garnish. She know’s I don’t like curly parsley. It’s tough. Tillie likes flat leafed parsley and that’s what’s in my omelette and that’s what Tillie will eat. Keep your curly parsley garnish. Tfff.

You could have omelette for breakfast, or dinner. I would. I love omelette. A 2 egg omelette makes a good lunch for me and Tom to share.

The healthy stuff …

Eggs are a good source of protein, essential amino acids and fatty acids. And they are easy to digest. Egg yolks are a source of choline which aids normal brain development and memory … that’s why Tillie’s so clever. Eggs are one of the few foods that naturally contain vitamin D. Pasture-raised, free-range hens, like the hens at Jimmy’s farm where we buy our eggs, tend to produce eggs that contain higher amounts of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. In other words, eggs are good for you.

Parsley is a chlorophyll-rich herb that helps you to detox and cleanse.

Goats cheese is cheese. Therefore it’s yummy.

Enjoy your omelette.

The end.


A little note …

We love our homemade treats and food because we know exactly what we are eating and there are no additives or preservatives in homemade food.

Tillie and Tom have no sensitivities to the ingredients used in this recipe and we only use ingredients that our humans eat too.

Homecooked food and treats should be enjoyed as part of your total daily food intake. As a guide, Tillie and Tom eat 2 – 3% of bodyweight per day depending on how active they are. Tillie is 12.5kg and at her ideal weight. She is moderately active so she is fed 2.5% of 12.5kg which is 312g of food per day, made up of 135g for breakfast, 30g for lunch, 135g for dinner and the remainder as treats.


I am Tillie.

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