Chicken lollies

It’s still hot, and Tillie fancied a savoury lolly. I love my fruity lollies but sometimes I just want something cool and savoury. So I’ve made some chicken lollies. Quick and easy to make. Deliciously chickeny and cool to eat. Perfect.

What you need …

  • Some chicken bone broth – we usually make some bone broth lollies when we make a batch of bone broth. If they don’e get used as lollies then they are used for stock when cooking our meats.
  • A jug
  • Ice cube trays or lolly moulds
  • A freezer

How to make Chicken lollies …

  • Put some bone broth into the jug
  • Pour the bone broth from the jug into the ice cube tray or lolly mould
  • Place the ice cube tray or lolly mould in the freezer.
  • Let the lollies freeze.
  • When you fancy a chicken lolly, remove one (or two) from the freezer, let it soften a little, then eat it.

Chicken lollies


The end.

Tillie x


I am Tillie.

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