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We love food. Especially home cooked food and treats. You just can’t beat fresh, tasty, naturally nutritious wholesome home prepared foods, or the comforting smell of home baked treats baking in the oven. Yummy. We believe all dogs deserve to enjoy the benefits of home cooked food and we love to share our favourite recipes with you so that you can enjoy them too.

We live in rural North East Scotland beside the beautiful Moray Firth Coast, surrounded by woods, forests, hills and fields. The Cairngorms National Park is on our doorstep. If you are planning a visit or holiday in this beautiful part of the world check out Tillie’s adventures to help you plan dog friendly adventures.

Tom is a homey. He started out life as a show dog with his breeder and travelled a lot. Now he prefers a quiet life at home and loves his garden. Tom fancies writing a feature or column for a big magazine (lol!) and he’s getting in some rehearsal by writing Tom’s Gardening Diary. So you might want to check that out too if you are a bit bored, but we can’t promise any useful advice or tips on there because he mainly just sniffs, nudges and nibbles everything. But he is very enthusiastic about gardening and there are plenty of pictures to look at.

We hope you love our stories as much as we love making them.

A little bit about us …

I am Tillie. Tillie & Tom's Dog Blog.


Colour: Black and white.

Breed: 100% Tillie.

Age: Don’t know.

Size: Tillie size.

Tillie in 3 words: I am Tillie.

Hobbies: Adventures. Playing ballz. Collecting treasures.

Favourite music: Rock.

Favourite band: AC/DC.

Favourite film: Harry Potter. All of them.

Favourite character: Dobbie.

Favourite place: Tillie in the woods.

Other stuff: What?.

I'm Tom. Tillie & Tom's Dog Blog.


Colour: Dark brindle or stripey with white bits.

Breed: I’m a Boxer

Age: I’m 4. I love birthdays. I get presents. And cake.

Size: I’m Big.

Tom in 3 words: Happy and gay.

Hobbies: Gardening. Baking. Cooking. FOOD. Foraging for food. Cookies. Zoomies. Having fun. And my green ball.

Favourite music: Disney.

Favourite band: Oh. I don’t know if I have a favourite band? I like all the bands on my Disney CD’s.

Favourite film: Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The BFG, Yogi Bear, Elf, Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.

Favourite character: Mary Poppins. She’s really lovely.

Favourite place: Home! I love my home and I don’t want to go anywhere else … except for the fields next to my home. I’m a homey.

Other stuff: I dream of owning a bakery shop where everybody buys cookies. For me.

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